Concrete floor renovation

A concrete floor will get damaged after a while. We can renovate your concrete floor back to near perfect condition, by polishing your floor. This technique is often used in the food industry. Renovating a new concrete floor is cheaper than buying a entire new concrete floor. We will start by polishing the irregularities from your concrete floor. What we will do next depends on your concrete floor. We might use sealers or we will use resin on your floor.

We might also glaze your floor to create a mirror effect. We can impregnate your floor to make your floor less sensitive to stains.

A few reasons to choose a concrete floor

If a concrete floor renovation is not possible then a new concrete floor might be a option. Press here for more information. A concrete floor surface can be seamlessly finished. A concrete floor can easily be cleaned because of this. A concrete floor has a unique industrial look and feel, and is very suited voor offices and showrooms. We can give your concrete floor a good finish, so you will get the highest yield on your investment.

We can create concrete floors in several different colors. Visit our website for more information.